Uncountable Stars CD

  • Uncountable Stars CD

Uncountable Stars CD

Here’s what others are saying about Uncountable Stars:

“…a bold departure from the Iona ‘sound’, but it’s captivating and it’s yours. Love it, love it, love it!”

“Enchanting and enlightening!”

“I love Out Here, Kingfisher, Horse and Rider and In That Moment in particular BUT – my absolute fave is Rest…it falls squarely into the ‘anthemic’ category…”

Working with producer Tre Sheppard we’ve created for you a collection of songs that are very different from what you may have heard from me in the past yet still they authentically represent the creativity I’ve been pressing into in this season of life.I hope you enjoy it!



1. Some Things 03:20
2. River Of Tears 03:20
3. Out Here 03:41
4. In A Moment 04:33
5. Above The Storm 03:04
6. Kingfisher 04:27
7. Come Away 04:05
8. Mountain Of Debris 04:24
9. Rest 04:07
10. My True Love 04:25
11. Horse And Rider 04:09
12. Lay Down 04:09
13. In That Moment 04:06


Vocals: Joanne Hogg
Piano/Keys: Joanne Hogg
Drums/Percussion: Danny Ross
Bass Guitar: Ian Smyth
Cello: Gwyneth Reid
Violin/Viola: Frank Van Essen
Double Bass: Davy McCracken
Electric Guitars: Tre Sheppard & Michael McCluskey
Acoustic Guitars: Tre Sheppard
Trumpet: Rick Swann

Ethnic elements including Shakuhachi, Banjo, Harmonium: Jack Fury

Produced/Engineered/Mixed: Tre Sheppard
Additional Engineering/Editing: Michael McCluskey
Mastering: Nathan Dautzler at The Hit Lab, North Hollywood, California
Artwork Design: Nathan Jarvis (MrBlinc.com)
Photography: Steve Hogg

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